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School-based curriculum plan

A Regular curriculum

Chinese, Putonghua, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Music, Physical Education,

Visual arts, Computers, Religion, Books, Drama

  • Direction of development
    1. Quality language education:
      1. For Chinese – online reading plan, teaching of required reading, integration of reading & writing, writing q experiences, learning classics – “Disciple rules”
      2. Putonghua – Lunchtime Putonghua broadcast, appreciation of Putonghua songs
      3. English – School-based phonics, guided reading groups, Raz-kids home reading scheme, lunchtime assembly & broadcast in English


  1. Holistic learning – build an environment that integrates with everyday life.

Tour of legislative council, Museum of Art, Audio-visual arts center, Coastal defense museum, Museum of tea ware, Science Museum, HK Space Museum, Ocean Park educational course, Adventure camp, trips, community volunteer services


  1. Diversified activities, joyful learning:

Tours, online learning, storytelling competition, subject competition, English Day, Math Day, Sports meet, Water sports meet, Art Day, festival celebrations, interactive assemblies, Talent show, Multiple Intelligences lessons, after school interest classes, spring parent-child picnic, fall picnic, festival celebrations, summer activities

  1. Develop higher level thinking, enhance creativity:

STEM courses, strategic thinking training, exploring science, Japanese math & logical thinking training

  1. Caring for learning differences, inspiring potential:

Cooperative teaching & learning, course adjustments, after class remedial courses, after class gifted courses


  • Featured development projects
  1. English

Phonics program, radio show, storytelling, show & tell time, CCS Pulse (English newsletter), Net scheme

  1. Chinese

Treasure trove of fun, short self-introduction, Chinese culture & poetry, teaching must-reads, learning classics – “Disciple rules”

  1. General Knowledge

STEM classes, theme learning, strategic thinking, exploring science & technology, comprehensive learning

  1. Reading promotion

Reading & teaching, group reading time, writing seminars, world reading day promotion, best stories, parent-child reading club, good books to recommend, reading award scheme, reading report award, book fair

  1. Quality homework promotion
  2. Arts education

Visual arts:

Artist in residence courses: pottery & sculpture, visual arts themes & weekly journal, Art Day, “one person, one artwork” show, Art ambassador at school,

Interdisciplinary visual arts corner



           Drama classes at each grade level, books & drama collaboration, drama group,

           drama festival competition



          Music appreciation award scheme, recommending high quality concerts, choir,

           Instrument classes, personal show, music themes, small concerts, CCS small stage



           “Talent show” for all students, Cultural Day, Multiple Intelligences classes, over 50

      sports & arts interest classes

  1. Inter-disciplinary theme learning
  2. Learning abroad, exchange activities
  3. Be creative – self-learning activities


  • Enhancement of student’s general skills
  • Theme exploration, teaching strategic thinking, exploratory learning, exploring science & technology, analysis of current affairs, collaborative learning



B.  Other courses


(1) Spiritual development


  • Religious studies, morning prayer, playing religious songs, Christmas sermon, Easter worship, student fellowship


(2) Life education


  1. Moral & civic education:

Interactive assemblies, seminars, interactive educational drama, “I can do” award scheme, Lunchtime recognition, excellent student selection, community service activities, junior scouts, girl scouts, service ambassadors, Charity Youth League, Junior Police Call, life education activities, young seedlings education


  1. Environmental protection: “energy saving” ambassadors, “eco-friendly living” pamphlet, green community – reduce carbon footprint, junior farmer scheme, vegetarian Monday, no air-con night, Lights off for one hour


(3) Music appreciation

  • Lunchtime appreciation of classical music, music appreciation award,

mini concerts


(4)    Student counseling

Adventure training camp, growth lessons, junior teacher scheme, caring group, student seminars, entering secondary school seminars


(5) Silence for 3 minutes

  • Before school ends, our whole school will keep silent for 3 minutes daily.

Immersed in gentle music, our teachers will read the bible, reflect on issues and practice in a relaxed manner. Students will also reflect on their everyday learning quietly.