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Dr. Angela Luk

Dr. Angela LukBBSMHfounder & chairperson of the Luk Chiu Kwan Hung Education Fundfounder & chief supervisor of Creative Kindergarten & NurseriesFounder & chairperson of Luk Chiu Kwan Hung Child Development Research Center, Founder & chairperson of Luk Chiu Kwan Hung Child Development Research Center, Founding supervisor of Chan’s Creative School

Brief background on Dr. Luk

Dr. Angela Luk is a very experienced preschool educator. Over the past 60 years, she has dedicated her life and career to promoting quality preschool education.

Dr. Luk promotes teaching through activities.

She has designed a solid preschool curriculum based on love and children’s needs in different age groups, so that preschoolers would grow and learn through play in an interesting and fun-filled environment.

In the early 1960s, Dr. Luk founded the first kindergarten that applied the concept of ‘teaching through activities’ in Hong Kong.  Subsequently, she has established many famous kindergartens and nurseries in Hong Kong and China, providing a quality preschool education based on love, inspiration and joyful learning.

In 1984, Dr. Luk founded the Creative Kindergarten, putting into practice her education philosophy of “implementing a quality curriculum that respects the child’s developmental needs, nurturing a loving heart, cultivating the mind, developing potential and promoting creativity in young children; helping them build confidence in a joyful learning environment and establishing the foundation for the love of lifelong learning”.

Creative Kindergarten has since grown into an institution with 9 kindergartens and 9 nurseries, fully implementing our education philosophy of “respecting every child, cultivating their virtues through love, and guiding them to learn using a step-by-step approach, while promoting creativity and developing potential”.

To commend Dr. Luk’s contributions in the field of education, the Hong Kong government as well as many organizations both local and abroad have given her many awards.

Honors and awards

1983 Picture Storybooks Series awarded the 1982 “Best Publication” and “Best Children’s Book” by the Hong Kong Urban Council

1988 Christian Education Award by the Schools for Christ Foundation

1990 “The Big Eye”, one of the twelve books honored as “Hong Kong’s Best Children Books” of the 80s by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

1991 Recipient of the Zonta Achievement Award for Excellence in Child Education,   

1996 Recipient of the Queen’s Medal of Honor

1999 Hong Kong SGI Award by Soka Gakkai International

2001 First recipient of HK Institute of Education’s Outstanding Educator Award

2004 Recipient of the HKSAR Bronze Bauhinia Star (B.B.S.)

2004 Special Honorable Prize from the Asia Christian Kindergarten Teachers Association

2004 Recipient of the 4th China Naito International Childhood Education Award

2004 The Contribution Award for Providing Quality Early Childhood Education by China Welfare Institute.

2006 Soong Ching Ling Preschool Education Award

2006 Meritorious Award by China Children and Teenagers Fund

2007 ‘International Visiting Scholar’ – Wheelock College, Boston, USA

2011 Recipient of the 15th Soong Ching Ling Camphor Tree Award

2014 “Leader of the Year 2013 (Education/Research)”, award by Sing Tao News Corporation.

CV of Dr. Luk:

1951 – 1963     Head of Ying Wah Girls School Kindergarten

1963 - present  School & academic director, founder & principal (deleted ‘for many years’) of North Point Methodist Church Kindergarten

1967 – present Honorary chairperson, founder of the “Hong Kong Association of Kindergarten Teachers” and chairperson (again)

1980 – present Director, founder & principal (again)  of Kowloon Ling Liang Church Nursery

1980 – present Founder & President of Crystal Education Publications

1980 – present Board director of True Light Middle School of Hong Kong

1984– present Head supervisor, director and founder of Creative Kindergarten & Day Nursery

1985 - present Supervisor & director of Wisely Kindergarten & Day Nursery

1992 – 2011 Founded the Lingnan Kindergarten & Day Nursery, supervisor & director of Lingnan Primary School, Kindergarten & Day Nursery

1992 – present Board director of Lingnan Secondary School

1995 – present Founder, supervisor & director of Chan’s Creative School

1995 – present Founder & Honorary principal of Beijing Lingnan Day Nursery

1995 – present Honorary director, Lingnan College at Zhongshan university, Guangzhou

1995 – present Honorary Principal, Dongyuhang Lu Kindergarten, Shanghai

1996 – present Senior consultant, China welfare Institute Nursery, Shanghai    

1996 - present Senior consultant, Soong Ching Ling Nursery, Shanghai

1998 – present Director, Shanghai Soon Ching Ling Foundation

1998 – present Director, All-China Women’s Federation children & teenagers fund

1998 – present Senior consultant, Tsinghua University Jiehua Preschool

1998 – present Senior consultant for preschool education, Shanghai China Welfare Institute

1998 – present Member of consultation committee at Lingnan University, honorary member since 2011

1999 – present Consultant, Eye-On International Education

1999 – present Founder & chairperson, Luk Chiu Kwan Hung education foundation

1999 – present Honorary professor, East China Normal University

1999 – present Supervisor, Shanghai Rui Hong Kindergarten

2000 – present Academic director, founder of True Light Kindergarten (Caine Road)

2001 – present Director, China YMCA Kindergarten

2001 – present Supervisor, Beijing Qiming bilingual kindergarten

2002 – present Director, Creative Children Choir

2002- present Supervisor & founder, Guangzhou Ersha Creative Kindergarten

2002 – present Chairperson & founder of Hong Kong Committee on Care for Children

2003 – present Founder, Vice-chairperson of HK Hymn Society

2005 - present Founder, chairperson of Luk Chiu Kwan Hung’s Child Development Research Center

2005 - 2011 Consultant to Macau Social Welfare Bureau for the enhancement of Government funded nurseries

2008 – present Supervisor of Dongguan Legend Kindergarten

2009 – present Founder & chairperson of HK Soong Ching Ling Children's Education Commission

2009 – present Chairperson of “Treasure House” at Noah’s Ark (HK’s first children’s museum)

2009 – present Director, Chan’s Creative School (HK Island)

2009 – present Educational consultant, Angela’s Children Theater

2011 – present Senior consultant, Shanghai Raybell Day Care Center