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Music room

Teachers will play various kinds of music and let students touch percussion instruments during lessons!


Our music room is well equipped.  It is spacious enough to accommodate music activities.  We also provide various percussion instruments, piano and audiovisual equipment for use.  Glass and wooden cabinets are installed for storing instruments, student works and other educational resources.

Students can use the staff on blackboard (not sure what this means) to create music and play rhythm games. 

We also display music resources on the board inside the music room.


Since 2020, our school has installed the interactive electronic white board for e-books.

It can display multiple colors, words, pictures and movies dynamically, adding interest and flexibility to lesson design.  The board can also be connected to the sound system through software for interactive teaching, enhancing students’ listening and creative skills.


During lessons, students will take turns to participate in “Show and tell time”, appreciate music on school cultural days and deepen their interest in music.

We fully support music activities and offer many after school interest classes in music.

Examples include classes on Chinese percussion, erhu, guzheng, Yangqin, Liuqin, violin, harmonica, saxophone, accordion, junior & senior choirs, etc.