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School history

Dr. Chan Lai Ling, MBE, founder of Chan’s Creative School, former chairperson of Chan’s educational foundation

Dr. Chan Lai Ling, MBE, JP (1938-2007) originated from Nanhai, Guangdong and was born in Hong Kong.  In 1960, she graduated from Canossa St. Xavier’s Girls College and received her social studies diploma from Xiangjiang College in 1964.  While pursuing her studies, Dr. Chan realized that as HK lacks natural resources, the whole society needs more quality people to develop further and maintain economic prosperity.

Dr. Chan started as a teacher after her college studies and developed a lifelong association with education ever since.  After marrying Dr. Chan Shu Kui, the couple ran schools together. In 1973, Dr. Chan Shu Kui passed away due to overworking.  His ideals and great character have moved Dr. Chan Lai Ling to work actively in education and set up the Chan’s educational foundation and the Chan’s educational fund (changed to Dr. Chan Shu Kui’s educational fund in 1995) to provide a solid financial foundation for education.  Today, the Chan’s educational foundation has greatly developed, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chan, to include nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

We have nurtured many outstanding talents who have made great contributions and will continue to contribute to Hong Kong.

Mr. YC Chan, current chairman of Chan’s educational foundation, member of Chan’s Creative School board, family heir in education & philanthropy

Mr. YC Chan, born into a family of education and philanthropy, carries on the family spirit of philanthropy.  In the 1940s, Dr. Chan Shu Kui, YC’s father, came with his dad      (YC’s grandfather) to Hong Kong from Guangdong.  Dr. Chan set up the Xiangjiang College, Xiangjiang Chinese & English Secondary School, Kowloon Yan Pak College, Yan Pak (HK) English Secondary School, Madam Chan Wai Chow Memorial School, Chan Wai Chow Memorial School, Hongkong & Kowloon Kaifong Primary School, etc. 

As president of Xiangjiang College (later renamed Chan Shu Kui Memorial School), Dr. Chan was dedicated to education and gave lectures himself.


Members of the school board of directors

Chronology of events at Chan’s Creative School