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Curriculum features

1. Stimulate students’ interest in math

.  Teach through various activities and games

.  Promote educational math games & websites

.  Promote math games, sudoku, competitions, etc. during summer activities.

.  Appropriate amount of homework, no unnecessary practice.


2. Motivate students to comprehend and grasp basic math concepts and calculation skills.

.  During connected periods, use “speed calculation” cards for speed calculation games,

hundred space charts, adding ladders, subtraction & combinations to 24

.  Implement “Speed calculation award scheme”

  • The scheme consists of 6 levels.  Students who could do mental arithmetic and reach level requirements within the time set will receive that level’s award.
  • Each year, over 90% of students receive awards.


3. Develop students’ thinking, communication, problem solving and creative skills.

. Teachers will make their own worksheets of applied problems.

. Participate in HK Primary School Math Olympiad.

. Participate in HK 18 districts primary school math competitions.

. Participate in HK “Rummikub” number games competition.


4. Nurture “number sense” and “spatial sense” among students; appreciate the laws and structure behind numbers and circles.

. Implement “Speed calculation award scheme”

. Add elements of Jr.BMat (Japanese math) into multiple intelligences classes in P1 and P2.

. Promote math games


5. Through basic math knowledge, strengthen students’ abilities in lifelong learning.

. Promote educational math books, storybooks and related math website.

. Implement the “math ambassador” plan.

. Implement online math learning program.