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Planning & goals

  • Cultivate students’ interest in Putonghua, encourage them to learn on their own.
  • Provide more opportunities for students to use Putonghua, train their listening and speaking skills.
  • Help students improve their pronunciation of Putonghua.


Class activities

  • Teach Putonghua through activities, like games on tones, tongue twister games, chanting rhymes, role play, pinyin cards, reading aloud in lessons, conversational practice, etc.
  • To strengthen students’ pinyin skills, we focus on “teaching phonetics” through various activities.


Subject activities

  • Noontime broadcast – central broadcast during Thursday lunchtime, to provide more opportunities for students to listen & speak Putonghua.
  • Participate in various school competitions – help students become more confident, enrich their learning process and use more Putonghua.
  • Setup the “Putonghua ambassador” program – students who perform well in Putonghua will help those who lag, enhance interest in speaking Putonghua.
  • Train Putonghua ambassadors to help promote Putonghua activities.
  • Interclass Putonghua activities, individually or small groups, including singing, drama, tongue twisters, riddles, poetry and games.
  • Focus on “phonetic teaching”.
  • Interview training in Putonghua for P6 students.


Multi-faceted assessment

  • We assess students in various ways like reading aloud in class, theme related speaking, listening to articles and distinguishing tones, etc. Our goal is to evaluate students’ performance in listening, speaking, reading and writing.